Migrating Identity IQ databases

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.4

Share all details related to your problem, including any error messages you may have received.

Has anyone had any luck migrating to postgresql databases. I’ve encountered mutlitple schema errors when attempting to migrate my databases from mysql to the now supported postgresql. I’ve installed the driver.jar file and validated iiq.properties as correct. I’ve attempted the following scenarios.

upgrading from 8.3p5->8.4 leave everything on the current mysql server upgrades fine.

Upgrading from 8.3p5->8.4->Create identityiq tables on 2 seperate postgresql servers, 1 for AH and 1 for 1 identityiq and plugins. Migrate upgraded data with pgloader. → fails to connect, receive a iiq.beans error when attempting to launch iiq console

Upgrading from 8.3p5->8.4 load data onto database servers with pgloader without making schema. encounter schema validation errors with the sequence tables.

If anyone has had any luck I would be all ears.

I’m running the latest version of tomcat 9 with Java17

A similar conversation is going on here on moving to postgresql

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