Microsoft Teams provisioning

Hi Team ,

I am a bit new to M365 apps .

I have to provision M365 apps to users and also Microsoft teams .

I wanted to understand how it works .

I have aggregated all the groups and entitlements from azure active directory .

I wanted to know how to Provision Microsoft teams and office 365?

Are there any specific OOTB groups and entitlements ? if yes than what are those entitlements and groups that I can attach to Access profile and user automatically gets access to

Office 365
Exchange mailbox

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Hey Dalia,
you will either add the specific entitlements for each app (“assignedPlans”) or a license bundle/pack ( “assignedLicenses”) which may contain Teams, O365 and many other apps all together (!).
Depends a lot on what is the company trying to accomplish…

If I am not wrong, OOTB the connect will get assignedPlans entitlements, but for aggregating license packs you will have to change some settings:
Service Plan Management (Managing Licenses) (

You will have to know what is the entitlement name of Teams, Office 365, etc. It will possibly be something like License Pack name + Teams, for example:

Exchange mailbox might be something else, I have no experience with that but hopefully this helps: Hybrid Provisioning with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory - Compass (
it seems this will be provisioned during the account creation, not really through entitlement (please correct me anyone)

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