Meet the Developer Relations Team!

The SailPoint Developer Relations Team

A note from the team:

Thank you for joining the SailPoint Developer Community Forum and for taking a moment to learn a little bit about us. Please consider us your primary points of contact for questions, concerns, or any feedback you may have. We welcome your input and are here to support you in any way possible.

We would love to learn a little about you as well! If you like, take a moment to reply below and introduce yourself to the community.


Jordan Violet - Head of Developer Relations - @jordan_violet

My name is Jordan Violet, and I am the Developer Relations Manager here at SailPoint. It is my responsibility to ensure a quality experience for developers on our platform. I am originally from (and currently live in) northwest Ohio. I’ve always said that I can find joy in any role at the intersection of technology and people—and so far that has remained true! I enjoy watching movies, gaming, and spending time with my wife and dog.


Colin McKibben - Sr. Staff Developer Advocate - @colin_mckibben

I am SailPoint’s Developer Advocate, and it’s my job to make sure our products have an excellent developer experience by providing tools and documentation to our developers to help them integrate with our products, and conveying their feedback to our product teams. My prior experience includes various roles at companies like General Electric, Ford Motor Company, and FireEye. I currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio with my wife, two cats, and two dogs. As a first time homeowner, I often stay busy with house and landscaping projects, but also enjoy golf, motorcycles, and tinkering with technology.!

Tyler Mairose - Staff Software Engineer - @tyler_mairose

I am the dedicated software engineer for the Developer Relations Team and I will be working to build out the tools, libraries, and solutions that will help make your experience with our products a smooth and productive one! I enjoy working in a team environment, learning how things work and finding creative ways to solve problems. When I am not working you'll most likely find me outdoors, hiking, biking, snowboarding or just being in nature.


Phil Ellis - Sr. Staff Software Engineer - @philip-ellis

As a Developer Advocate, I want to improve the developer experience when using our products. I am specifically involved in the connector 2.0 product and I am building the technical documentation as well as content for our developers to be achieve success when building a new connector for themselves or others.

Prior to working at SailPoint, I worked as a Sr. Java Developer and Sr. Software Architect at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland where I designed most of the architecture for the new IRS Online system.

I spend my free time with my wife and 6 children and we often find ourselves hiking or doing anything we can outside.


James Haytko - Sr. Technical Writer

I'm the Technical Writer for the SailPoint Developer Relations team. I write and review technical documentation and other developer content. It's my responsibility ensure that all developer documentation and content is accurate and written clearly and consistently.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I enjoy playing poker, tennis, and spending time with family and friends.


Luke Hagar - Sr. Software Engineer - @LukeHagar

My Name is Luke, and I absolutely love working at SailPoint. I’m experienced in identity governance development and support, and I am incredibly excited to join the Developer Relations team here at SailPoint. I love building tools to help others succeed. Whether it’s something for customers, support, developers… anyone, I want to help others in their Identity journeys. I live in Austin, Texas, with my wife and son, about 15 minutes from the office.

Danielle Gaitan - Staff Community Manager - @DanielleG

As the first official Community Manager for the Developer Community, my goal is to streamline our engagement efforts, share insights and awareness both intenally and with our customers/partners. My focus is to continue generating an inclusive environment for our developers to ask their questions, get answers, and provide tips, tricks, and extensibility posibilities to showcase how they are solving problems today. I am also hyper focused on growing and nurturing our extremely successful and rapidly growing Ambassador program. “Fun Facts”: Single spacer. Gif not jif. Dog mom. Austinite and frequent Canadian visitor.

Darrell Thobe - Staff Software Engineer - @Darrell

As a Software Engineer on the Developer Relations team, my aim is to enhance the developer experience while utilizing our products.

In my downtime, I cherish moments with my family, immerse myself in video games, tackle home renovations, tend to gardens, craft and smoke amazing food, and coach baseball.