Manager read-only view (direct report identity cubes)

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Version 8.3

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We have a requirement to provide a Manager view in IIQ, such that the manager can to see their own Identity, their direct report’s (identity cubes). If the manager has direct report that is a manager, then the view should recursively be able to see their direct reports. The view should be able to see their Attributes, Roles and Entitlements, and Application Accounts for the identities (Read Only).

Is there someone is this fine community that can recommend any documentation, technical articles, or other posts that would accomplish this? Ideally, this could be done using out-of-the-box configuration options (capabilities, groups, permissions, quicklinks…). Scopes may add too much complexity, but I could be persuade otherwise.

I believe I can accomplish this using a QuickLink / Workflow / Forms / Custom Rules, but I am hoping for a simpler OOTB recommendation.

Hi Craig,
It’s actualy fairy simple task - you can do that as follows:

  1. Go to QuickLink Population link
  2. Find (or create new one if you use standard one) Manager group
  3. In section “Who can request for?” you can configure that managers can see their direct (and/or indirect) reports
  4. Click on “Quicklinks”
  5. Check “View identity”

and that would be it - Manager will be able to do “View identity” on all his direct reports

And here he will be able to see all about the users

(on screenshot I am spadmin so can more, but if you correctly configure QuickLink population to allow manager to only view identity you will see this page read only).


Thanks Kamil,

I love your simple solution. Works great. Thanks for your prompt and helpful response!