Manager Correlation with more than one account


We have a scenario where we have an identity that has two Authoritative Source accounts attach to them, due to customer process we need to create a correlation rule for he Authoritative Source, since the user has two accounts attached IDN only takes into account the manager correlation of the oldest account. There is a way to change this behavior? Can IDN take into account only active accounts to calculate the manager?


To achieve this you need to prioritize your Authoritative source Identity Profiles appropriately. The manager attribute would reflect from the source that has a higher priority in Identity Profile.

If that doesn’t help, you can look into using a Manager Correlation Rule for this.

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Hum, we already have the IdentityProfile in the highest priority, but the user have two accounts from the same source.

Well in that case you can try applying a transform on manager attribute. Within transform you can include logic to pick the active account based on account attributes.


We try that as well, but I think that the manager attribute is related to the Manager Correlation, I think the manager attribute in the IdentityProfile are not taking into account to correlate the manager.

Just to give an Update,

We solve the problem by creating a filterString to exclude accounts disabled for a long time, since we have only the newest account correlated to the Identity the Manager attribute was fixed.

But probably if you guys do not have a way to do that, the Manager Correlation rule will be de only solution.

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