Manage Access Duration Not Removing Access

We have a workflow with a Manage Access Action that Adds Access. This access should only be temporary. So, we’ve set duration to 7 days. The user successfully gets access, but access is never revoked unless the user sets the expiration date during the request. In that case, it will always follow the expiration set during the request, not the duration in the workflow.

What can we do to get duration working in the workflow?

Hi AbiZ,
Can you please share your workflow ?

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Hi Abiz,
I dont think this is supported via workflow. So the revoke access which comes when you are requesting any access is part of the Access Request. That expiration date is not available in workflow.

Rakesh Bhati

Hi Rakesh,
In the workflows, we have an action item called “Manage access” which contains a field called “Select Duration” which determines how long the user should have the access for.


Hi Anagha,
We had tried this but this does not work for Entitlements.

Yes, it’s currently not supported for entitlements, but should work fine for roles and AP


Marking this as the answer as it is possible that @pmf5145 was requesting access for entitlements, which don’t support the remove date at this time.

@pmf5145 If that is not the case, then please let us know and we can reopen this issue.

Please read the API specification for access requests for more information on limits to access requests. The Manage Access action utilizes this API.