Local jar for sailpoint.object.* and sailpoint.api.*

Hi everyone, I am new to sailpoint development. I would like to know if it is possible to do local sailpoint development in an IDE where I can import the sailpoint jars locally, and if needed mock/stub out components that involve interacting with sailpoint platform.

I’m looking to setup some unit tests with JUnit locally, and through some build transformation process, encode the java into an xml-escaped java form that gets imported into sailpoint later on. But for now I’d like to avoid doing direct development on sailpoint.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

None that I know of, though if there is I would be pleasantly surprised.

There is an Eclipse plugin called IdentityIQ Deployment Accelerator (IdentityIQ Deployment Accelerator) that can help you quickly deploy XML to SailPoint server.

There is also an Eclipse plugin called IIQ Tools (https://iiqtools.github.io/) that can help with content assist and syntax checking for Rules and Workflows. You create a dummy Java class to write code for your Rule/Workflow, and the plugin creates XML from the class.

For me, the main business in SailPoint is provisioning. So doing it locally doesn’t help me a lot - there will be a ton of stubs to write in order to make provisioning functioning in a local environment. So in instead of unit tests, I developed a plugin to launch rules/workflows for integration testing.

Thanks for responding. I’m very surprised and a little concerned that local development is not possible. I’m currently writing a lot of rules and workflows triggered from lifecycle events, and it would be so much easier to develop if I could just create a mock event to trigger my rule code with, and confirm in a unit test that my logic works.

If the class definitions exist somewhere for the sailpoint jdk, I could simply copy the interface/class methods and stub out what I need. But I’m not sure where to find that.

WHen using IIQTools you will need to grab two JAR files from Tomcat\webapps\identityiq\WEB-INF\lib:

These two JARs cover most of the SailPoint classes.

You might be able to setup all the mock-ups after extensive study (read: decompile because you won’t find enough documentation) of SailPoint’s classes, and there is no guarantee after that huge load of work, your result is anything reliably comparable to running on server.

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