List Workgroup Members

I was searching around SCIM API but I couldn’t find a way to query Identities that belongs to specific workgroups.
I tried the filters like: eq “id” eq “Workgroup-name”
workgroups ca (“Workgroup-name”)

I always get HTTP 400 in return. Has anyone done it before or is it possible to filter by workgroups?

You can create a custom REST API endpoint by using a custom IdentityIQ Plugin. You can make your new endpoint so that it accepts a filter such as the Workgroup name or ID:

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You may want to try the Loopback connector as it handles workgroups as entitlements.
Having this set up you should be able to make use of the /Accounts endpoint to see the
workgroups of an identity.


Can someone help on how we should create REST API for new entitlement, role and workgroup creation in SailPoint IIQ? Or if APIs are already present within SailPoint IIQ for these functions?
What would be the java functions to create these APIs?

As Paul mentioned in this post’s marked solution, you can create a custom Plugin that defines and exposes new APIs as you need (see his link to the Plugin Developer Guide). Alternatively, you could build custom IIQ workflows that do what you need and use the existing SCIM LaunchedWorkflows | SailPoint Developer Community API.

Thanks Brian for your response.

With the help of your response, we are integrating with a third party organization which will start consuming the custom IIQ workflows for role/entitlement creation, triggered by custom REST API.

Which brings me to my next question, Is mTLS being supported by SailPoint IIQ Version 8.2 for API authentication over a secure gateway (over HTTPS)?

If anyone could answer this that would be a great help.

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