Lifecycle State Change Email Template not always sending emails for net new employees

The email for existing employees getting set to active or inactive works every time. It used to work every time for net new employees (that are set to active) as well. Now it is intermittent. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @aaronknoph I did not understand exactly what is happening, but sometimes I have delays in receiving emails (sometimes several minutes). This does not happens often but they do sometimes.

Only yo undestand your business, do you send mails when an identity changes LCS? Mail is sent to the identity being changed?

To clarify, when I aggregate my authoritative source and a net new identity is created, the identity is set to active which would trigger the email to be sent. This used to work with no issues. It only works sometimes currently. There are net new identities for which the email does not get sent.

The email gets sent to me and the help desk as info.

This is done via workflow? Can you share it?

We don’t yet have workflows. I set this up under Identity Profile → Provisioning.

Sorry my friend, I do understand now what is happening. I thought that you were sending notifications when users’ LCS changed.

Can you share your Identity Profile? Paste and screenshot of the Lifecyclestate mapping.

This for sure does not have to evaluate intermitently, it has to work always.

Hi @aaronknoph

For the users for whom the emails are not triggered check the below

  1. Check how the lifecyclestate is configured in IdentityProfile – Mappings.

Is there any logic or it just populates the value from the authoritative source?

  1. Check if there is any modifications happened recently to the email template

All of the net new users are processed the same way. There is a transform, but I can’t see any reason why some of them wouldn’t trigger the email to be sent.

No modifications have been made to the template.

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