Java code reusing possibility in Identity Now.?


This might sound a silly question.

Quite often there are scenarios, where some common peace of code needs to be used across different Rules.

Eg. Normalizing methods for Firstname Lastname needs to be used for Rules that generates Username and email. etc.

I was hoping is there any way that these common codes could be deployed as a separate rule and could be used within other rules.?

Like we do for Java Based application where we deploy common methods as a library. Which helps avoid code repetition and promotes reusability.

Krunal Shah

Hi @kruna_sshah

This is a very good question. IDN has not yet adopted Rule Library concept from IIQ yet. But at the moment we can re-use the Transforms, guess you already aware of it.

I haven’t seen any usage of using a Rule inside another Rule just like we do in IIQ and use the methods, not sure if that works or not. But we can give a try.


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Thank you.

Yes, I learned that Transforms could be used and could be nested as well.

It would be much helpful to have possibility of library kind of implementation.

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