IT Role polices configuration not working While certification revocation

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Version 8.3

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Hi All,
To achieve our requirement , we have configured policy and profiles under IT roles and enabled “Provision both profiles and policies” option, So that it will provision and deprovision the profiles and policy. As per our expectation, It is working when user having both assigned and detected role. But Our requirement is we need to revoke the only detected IT role from certification. In this case it is revoking the profiles as expected but policy related application is not getting triggered.

In policy we have added webservices application. So while revoking from certification it is just going until application policy. after that it is not triggering the connector operation.

Can anyone please help us on this issue.


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Hey Sravani,

do you have a Business Role that required the IT Role?
Or is your IT Role assignable and detectable?


Hi Maximilian Langel

Yes, we are using IT role and it is assignable and detectable.


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