It is possible to enable the Credential Recycling for Target Aggregation credentials

Is it possible to enable credential recycling for unstructured target aggregation

Could you provide some more detail regarding this question?

This is related to Privileged Account Management Credential Cycling
In combination with Target Aggregation

I don’t know if this is possible. You can give it a try.
If you can not test it yourself I can dig into the IIQ code to see if it might be possible (as I also don’t have a PAM instance available for testing :frowning: )

– Remold

Hi Remold

I don’t see any references which can confirm if we can use it or not.
For CyberArk PAM app for unstructured target we need to supply a separate set of credentials. I don’t see any documentation on how to configure it for TargetSource there is one for Application only.


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