ISC Error on web connector Message: 0 : Connection reset, HTTP Error Code: 0

Hello everyone,
We have deployed a new web service application to the ISC and are sporadically getting the following error
Exception occurred in Test Connection.Url: https://, Message: Connection reset, HTTP Error Code: 0.

Of course on Postman it works as expected. The problems started when I added a new HTTP GetObject and Update call. Could this be a coincidence?
How do I resolve this connection reset error?

Many thanks is advance

Is it possible to share a little bit more? What did you configure in your connector? What does your test connection operation look like vs what you’re doing in Postman etc.

Are you using the VA based web services connector, or the SaaS based web services connector?


Generally HTTP error code 0 is related to no response, it could be either firewall is blocking or no access to endpoint. I would suggest to reach out Network team to monitor traffic.

@radoslaw_klimkowski I’ve seen this error multiple times and this is because the virtual appliance in your network is unable to communicate with the external API endpoints configured in ISC source.

Please ensure that the firewall is not blocking the communication from your internal network with the API endpoints of your target application and the outbound communication from 443 port your VA is allowed.

This shall resolve your issue.

I’ve configured standard direct connection web services connector to Infosec IQ instance. There’s Test Connection, getObject, aggregate, update and delete HTTP calls.
For example test connection is looking for The thing is - this issue is very intermittent and error did not apper all the time, so i would not blame FW.

As mentioned by @Arshad : Please make sure that your target application’s API endpoints are not being blocked by the firewall, and that your VA is permitted to communicate outbound on port 443.

I think that should resolve the issue.

@Saket95606 thank You for replay. End points are not blocked as i can perform all of the operations and the error occur:
(Scheduled Aggregation)05/04/2024 12:58:10 PM 28073Success
(Scheduled Aggregation)05/04/2024 8:58:10 AM 0 Error
(Scheduled Aggregation)05/04/2024 4:58:11 AM 28073 Success
(Scheduled Aggregation)05/04/2024 1:00:01 AM 0 Error
(Scheduled Aggregation)05/03/2024 9:00:05 PM 28073 Success

sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Url:, Message: 0 : Connection reset, HTTP Error Code: 0

@radoslaw_klimkowski I don’t think this would be related to your network error, but can you still go ahead and try to remove these 2 endpoints from your configuration and see if the error still persists? That way at least you can narrow down the issue to be something outside your endpoints, with the network like some others have pointed out.

Hello All, Problem was related to exceeding rate limit, after rebooting VA error with “connection reset by peer” gone and it was replaced by 429 Error rate limit exceeded.
The thing was, we had to make around 12000 calls (for aggragation) and another 12000 calls for update while limit confirmed by vendor was 10000 per hour. Many thanks for helping on that issue


Thank you for providing the solution!

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