[ISC] - Access Request Escalation

Hello guys,

I need support to understand the problem presented in this scenario.

I requested an Access Profile for an identity and it is in an approval flow awaiting manager approval. I requested on the 2nd of this month, and so far it hasn’t escalated.


"approvalReminderAndEscalationConfig": {
    "daysUntilEscalation": 1,
    "daysBetweenReminders": 1,
    "maxReminders": 0,
    "fallbackApproverRef": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "type": "IDENTITY",
        "id": "ebeb6ba2f5124543a2090639525ee67d",
        "name": "Matheus Nunes Alencar"

Can you tell me if the configuration is incorrect?

Hi @originalmths,

I doubt if the daysBetweenReminders with value 1 is causing the issue. Can you make it as 0 and see if it works.

Hi @originalmths,

Based on documentation : set-access-request-config | SailPoint Developer Community, maxReminders must be >= 1 and in your case it’s 0.

You can update this.

If you don’t want reminder you must set daysBetweenReminders et maxReminders to 0.

Without success, approval is not escalating to the manager’s manager.

Can you make daysUntilEscalation larger than daysBetweenReminders. Below are my setting and it works fine:

“approvalReminderAndEscalationConfig”: {
“daysUntilEscalation”: 2,
“daysBetweenReminders”: 1,
“maxReminders”: 4,