Is there a way to correlate users on Tenant via API?

Hi All,

We have a requirement where we need to manually correlate accounts on IDN daily. A small amount of accounts needs this treatment.

Is there an API for this?


Hi @shaileeM ,

See the post below. It will be useful for you.

I guess this could be done using SP-Config API.

Hi Gokul that’s a different use case. Ed’s post is about extracting the correlation configuration for automatic correlation based on attributes. Shailee is asking how to manually correlate an account.

Hi Shailee you’ll want to look at /beta/accounts. You can do a “list accounts” call and filter on uncorrelated eq true to see all your uncorrelated accounts. list-accounts | SailPoint Developer Community

Next, you’ll send a PATCH accounts call to update the identityid value. update-account | SailPoint Developer Community


thanks @WyssAJ01 , let me try this.

Hi @WyssAJ01 I tested this and works fine! thanks a lot.

Is there a way to uncorrelate accounts via API also ?

I don’t believe you can just make an account uncorrelated but you CAN use that endpoint to “rip” the account away from one identity and give it to another one.

Hello, to add onto what Adam posted, you can uncorrelate accounts that were manually correlated using the same API endpoint. It would look like this:


I knew you could patch accounts like that but I figured the tenant would balk at that and say no you can’t do that particular operation

Thanks @WyssAJ01 and @Kyle_R . How about /remove/account API. I understand that will remove the link between Identity and the account resulting into uncorrelation.