Introducing The New Ideas Portal for Developers!

We are excited to announce the new Aha! Ideas Portal just for developers. No one knows the needs of our platform better that you, and this tool will help enable our developer community to make feature requests to our APIs & Event Triggers, request tools like client libraries, and more.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Explain the problem—is there something in the product that could be better?

  2. Tell us the business value—if this issue is solved, would it be time saved, better security, or maybe a user experience?

  3. Propose a solution—if there is a solution, let us know. The product team will take this into account when designing a feature. If a solution is not top of mind, that is not a problem either. SailPoint’s amazing product team dreams up answers every day.

Innovation can come from anywhere, and we are looking forward to seeing ideas come from our SailPoint community. Let us know what you think!

On the SailPoint Developer Relations team, our primary mission is not to fill marketing funnels or to try to sell more product. Our focus is serving our developer community in the best possible way by minimizing the time it takes you to find success in your roles. We love coming to work and we love working at a company the supports these goals (many SailPoint employees read the forum daily).

As the SailPoint Developer Community has grown, we have seen amazing community members come forward and share their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions about our products, docs, APIs, & event triggers. Before covid, one of the best ways for developers to talk to tech companies and suggest new features, improvements, etc. was through industry conferences and in-person events. This feedback is very important to us and we want to make sure that, in this changing landscape, we are doing our best to provide ways for you to share your input, in ways that are easy and convenient to you.

Visit: to join the conversation!


Hello @jordan_violet ,
The portal seems not reachable,is there a new one?

Hi Marta,

All ideas are now at