🎉 Introducing the New Developer Community 🎉

We are excited to announce that, as of today, you will see a refreshed site on developer.sailpoint.com! It should look something like this:

Here are some of the major new features:

Open Source

The new SailPoint Developer Community is completely open source! You can contribute directly to the docs here, whether you want to fix a small typo that’s bugging you, or you feel adding a completely new doc will add value. Checkout the source and read the contribution guidelines to get started!

Dark Mode

We had a feature request for dark mode, and it is now implemented! You can enable dark mode on developer.sailpoint.com here:

You can enable dark mode in the Developer Community Forum here:

We will be working on making the navbars and dark/light themes across the platforms more cohesive.

API Explorer

API specifications now have a much cleaner (and faster loading!) UI. Not only that, but the API explorer has two great new features!

Code Samples

The API specifications now come with code samples for a few major languages. Don’t see a language you’d like? Let us know and we can work on getting it added!


Search the docs now powered by Algolia! The search is new, so please let us know what your thoughts are!

API Calls in the Browser

API Calls in the browser are now possible! For any given API call just set your tenant in the URL by clicking Edit, add your bearer token, and then send the API request!

Contribute to the Docs

No longer do you have to submit a support ticket, create a community topic, or just sit and wish we had a doc for this or that! If you want to simply modify an existing doc, just click this link at the bottom of a page:

If you’re looking to add net-new docs, you can simply pull down the repository, add the docs you want to add, and submit a pull request! :slight_smile:


Lovely! I always wanted to be apart of the SailPoint team. Now I have an opportunity contribute to the documentation.

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@bostelmann, we look forward to it! You can still always make docs requests if we don’t cover a topic that you’d like to see us cover, too! But if you feel strongly enough about it, don’t be afraid to contribute it!

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@jordan_violet Where can I download the OpenAPI specification from now? The Getting Started | SailPoint Developer Community might need to be updated with this info.

Hey @Thad_Anders, great question! Let me ask first, are you looking to generate a Postman collection from the spec, or are you looking to do something else?

Yes, looking to import into Postman.

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You’ll be happy to know we’ll be releasing an official public Postman collection next week–we’ll have an announcement soon! Gone will be the days when you need to constantly import .json collections.

You’ll just add the SailPoint API workspace to your postman and all of the APIs will be there, always up to date with any changes :slight_smile:


OK, that’ll be nice. My V3 collection is pretty out of date by now.

OK, that’ll be nice. My V3 collection is pretty out of date by now.

Exactly the problem we’re looking to solve! We’ll have an announcement here very soon with a link to the workspace and any other details to get started!

That is awesome. Visual studio code is very good to


It would be nice to have a collection that includes legacy v1 and v2 APIs as well as they are valuable for some calls that aren’t available in the newer ones.


What’s with the character on the 404 page?

Hey Jason,

That’s Codey, the developer community mascot. Realistically, Codey is someone we use for various assignments throughout the developer community (such as our Page Not Found page). You’ll also see Codey doing things like automatically adding labels and assigning reviewers in our open source GitHub:

We use Codey to personify our community and make it less of a two-dimensional experience :slight_smile:

Any chance you’ve been able to find the Download OpenAPI spec link? I may be blind, but I don’t see it.

Hey Glen,

No download link yet. We’ll have something next week though!

Yes, please. This is so sorely needed!

There was previously a download link for the OpenAPI file which we could import into Postman - is that still available? I’m not referring to the Postman collection download.

Hey @glenwickert,

Good distinction between the collection download and a direct download to the API spec. We’re actually going to make the spec available soon, in fact you can see it now if you’d like at GitHub - sailpoint-oss/api-specs: This repo houses the API specifications for all SailPoint services..

I will warn you, though, that it is not dereferenced and would require something like swagger-cli to dereference it. We plan on making other tools typically based off of the OpenAPI reference directly available, open source, and supported by SailPoint (like a Postman workspace and SDKs, for example).

I’m curious, what do you typically use the OpenAPI spec for?

I used it to import into Postman (there was a link to it on the old doco page). I was also playing around with autorest to see if I could produce python and powershell libs from the OpenAPI spec. I’m currently messing with exporting my Postman collections (imported from the API spec previously downloaded) and converting back to OpenAPI but I’d prefer to DL it on its own.

I suppose if official SDKs come out for the various languages that would be nice - any ETA on that?

So it looks like we’ll have the Postman angle covered then–you won’t need to import specs to a collection anymore. We’ll be sharing that very soon. As for the code generation and SDKs, we’re about to gather requirements.

Would you be up for us reaching out to you to talk about some of your use cases?