Introducing In Discovery: Product Research Powered by You

In Discovery is our product organizations way of making our research into future features more visible to you. Not only are we making it visible, but we want to give you the opportunity to participate—especially in areas that are particularly interesting to you!

:bangbang: You will also be awarded 175 points towards our Ambassador Program! Please message @jordan_violet once you have completed your session so he can award you the points.

We will post new In Discovery topics in Product Updates under the in-discovery tag. In the discovery topic we will explain:

  • The business problem we want to solve
  • How you can help

How to Participate in In Discovery

Each In Discovery topic will have a link from the product manager to put 30-60 minutes on their calendar. At that time, they will then talk to you about the problem and get any feedback you want to share on the subject.

You can also always comment on the in-discovery topic in Product Updates, should you ever want to add thoughts without joining a call.

We’ll be rolling out some of our latest In Discovery topics to you this week, so be sure to subscribe to the Product Updates category!

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