Introducing a new comment system for!

We are excited to announce that SailPoint official product Documentation now feature the ability to give feedback! Based on your feedback, this is provided through a carefully designed connection with our community!

The @saas_docs_team & @connector_docs_team invite you to share your thoughts on how they can improve their docs. Does something need clarification? Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve our docs? Let’s talk about it!

What does it look like?

When viewing any documentation on, you’ll notice a new Feedback section at the bottom of the page:

In this instance, a discussion hasn’t been started… yet! Has something changed and the doc needs to be updated? Let us know!

Clicking Start Discussion will bring you to the Community where you’ll use your existing community profile to leave a comment. That comment will now be tied to that documentation page, and our docs team notified! When the team gets back to you, you will be notified via the forum notification. :bell:

Let’s see in action!

I left feedback…now what?

From there, the appropriate members of the @saas_docs_team & @connector_docs_team will automatically be notified and will follow up with you to address your feedback.

We want to thank all of our community members, and in particular our community ambassadors, for bringing this idea to our attention! :pray: As always, let us know what you think and how we can continue improve!


Hello Derek,

Really good news :sunglasses:

Is a similar system planned for api documentation (present on the domain)?

I’ve already seen corrections/improvements few times, but I don’t really know how to report them without polluting the dev forum or opening a support ticket.

Have a good day,


It is definitely on our roadmap!


Great suggestion Thomas! As Derek mentioned, we have something planned soon to incorporate our developer documentation and our API specifications!


Glad to see this is going live! I know we had comments over in compass so I’m glad to see we’re getting the ability to leave feedback again on the new documentation site.


My last 2 posts were documentation feedback related so it’s great to have this built in!

I’m not sure if it’s meaningful to have it, but is there a way where you can see the documentation related discussions in the dev community (like a category).


Hey Remi, first of all I’m really glad this makes you happy—that makes us happy reading that you’re happy!

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We’ve considered this. I’d love to know more about your use case for seeing the category directly from the community, if you’d be willing to share!

Our concern is that context is so important when reading documentation, and deciding to provide feedback. The concern is if someone enters the topic directly from the community, they might not have all of the context when decided to provide a comment (or might not provide it on the right doc/topic).

For now, the most optimal path is to navigate to the exact doc you want to comment on, and comment there. Then you’ll be able to see the topic, get notifications on it, etc.


Hey Jordan, like I said I’m not sure if there is a valid use case for this.
Mostly wondering if it was possible, and to see what people were discussing, out of general interest and to see if there are things that may need some attention if they were previously not documented (well).

I actually really like this idea! This would be a great reason to provide the visibility—to simply see what’s being discussed, and maybe then you’d have sometime to add, too.

Let me see about making this visible in the community directly. Thanks for this feedback!

Fantastic work team!
I saw this the other day when reviewing one of our Web Service connectors and was like “holy cow this is awesome, finally!” and proceeded to pull out my own notes to start filling out all the feedback sections. XD Can’t wait to see how this elevates the community! Again, nice work! :raised_hands:t5:


We’re always appreciative of such detailed feedback—open that notebook and bring the feedback on!

This is great. I like that the linking is bi-directional. That helps a lot

Looks really neat! This definitely makes it easier to give feedback on documentation.
I wonder how this will work out in the long run when it is getting used often and for a while. Will there be some kind of tagging on these posts?

For example if someone gives feedback like “Can you please update the documentation such that it will mention that you can only subtract days from a given date in workflows if the output is later than the current date.” and the documentation is then updated, will that comment be tagged as resolved? Or if at some point it actually becomes possible in workflows to generate timestamps that occur earlier than the current date, will that comment then be tagged as outdated/archived? I can imagine that popular pages with many feedback can become difficult to read over and being able to filter on all posts or only on the not yet resolved posts would be a nice feature. But of course this only becomes relevant when this feature is adopted often or for a long time already.

Great question Angelo! We have automations in place to remove feedback that is fixed, outdated, no longer relevant, etc. after a period of time.

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