IntegrationConfig Operation Issues

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Version 8.3

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Hello All,

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We have a read only jdbc connector and Integration config configured to handle the provisioning(create,modify,disable) functionality.
Now the requirement is we need to go with create ,modify operations with ticket connector (Integration config) and Disable operation with direct connector (JDBC) .
I have removed the operations(disable) in the integration configuration and written the necessary logic for handling the disable operation via provisioning rule in jdbc application.

My question is even I removed the disable operation in the integration config while performing the disable operation still it’s trigger the ticket connector and creating the ticket in Snow.
Does anyone have any idea on this( disable operation via direct connector and create,modify operations via integration config ).

Rami Reddy


In the Integration config code you can have switch operation based the input operation in provisioning plan and for disable you can have a method and perform the same using the plan the way you do in the Provision rule, this will take care of what you needed.

Thanks for the Update Satish.

We are using custom java class as executor in the integrationconfig to handle the ticket creation in Snow.

Are you suggesting to modify the integrationconfig object or custom java class?

I see there was an operations entry in the integrationconfig object, is it not achievable with removal of respective operation name in this entry?

I am asking you to modify the Java class, within your java class have the operation level code.

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