In Discovery: Secure Data Share

Business Problem

Organizations want to use identity data in Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Auditing software. Getting this data in a consumable and understandable format can be challenging.

How You Can Help

We are continuing to validate our understanding of the problem space and solution. In addition, we are conducting research calls focused on validating our designed solution, better understanding the desired user experience, and ensuring we hit the most common customer use cases.

Our Product Management team would love to hear from you! Here’s how:

  • Voice your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns right here in this topic.
  • schedule a call if you feel the need to discuss this topic in private, and provide insights specific to your business problem and use cases. If you don’t see a calendar opening that aligns with your availability, feel free to send me a direct email.
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Thanks, Jordan! It was great talking to you today and getting to know more about Secure Data Share.


Adding this for anyone who comes across this thread later. Secure Data Share is only available for those who have their Snowflake deployed in AWS. If you’re in Azure, you’re currently out of luck. If you wish to get more visibility feature, please vote for GOV-I-3358 on the ideas board

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