IIQ Roles Duplicated

Hello Experts,

I see a weird behavior that roles are being assigned 2 times with different assignment ids, any idea why IIQ would create two assignment for same role? mostly role propagation and birthright role assignments are in this category.

This is also causing dependency conflict during removal and roles are tagged as retain=“true”.

Please advise.


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Do you have “Allow multiple assignment for all assignable roles” setting enabled?

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thanks Sunny. no its not enabled , only propagation is enabled under Roles tab.

This looks like it’s coming from a ProvisioningPlan. Have you checked to see what’s shown on the Identity itself, as well as checked to see if that issue is still present on the Identity after it’s refreshed with Refresh assigned and detected roles enabled?

As a side-note, I’m a bit old-school in that I tend to shy away from the role synchronization/propogation task and instead rely on my periodic Identity Refresh tasks to handle provisioning of any changes to assigned roles. In my experience, that’s always been pretty consistent (especially since it’s a far older process, so more time to find and fix bugs).

I generally have at least 1 of those per day that cover all identities (or at the very least all active, correlated identities).

thanks Brian, its coming from the provisioning plan as the role propagation task in OOTB, but why it is duplicating is the question.

Thanks for sharing your experience but here we use the role propagation task. There are lot of custom created role types we use.

Since the Role Change Propagation task (and process) is an OOB feature, I’d suggest gathering some additional log info (along with steps to reproduce the issue if possible) and open a Support case to get some extra eyes on it.

Does the user have multiple accounts in the same app to which the entitlements in Role belong to?

yeah, will do that. Thanks a lot for your input.

Hi Nagendra, no the user has single account.