IIQ, Kubernetes and Docker configurations

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Version 8.X

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Has anyone ever tried to make IIQ work as a pod in Kubernetes?

Also, use it with docker and have it use all machines threads, etc.
i’m trying to solve a issue were we use IIQ with CCG , want to have some scabilitty and even use it amazon.


Hi Ivan!

Yes, I’ve implemented IIQ as a pod in Kubernetes, both as just the runtime environment and with some auto-updating functionality. This is currently running in a production environment at one of our major banking customers.

You can find my Docker demo implementation (which is a bit overly complex for an actual Production environment) on my company’s Gitlab repo.

One of the challenges you’ll encounter is that Kubernetes pods are randomly named, meaning that you’ll constantly be spawning new “Server” objects. My initial solution to that was to use a counter, using a tiny utility container. That doesn’t work for auto-scaling. I eventually created a Container Plugin that will rename the server on startup, ensuring that you don’t end up just counting your way off into the void. (I’m working on publishing that so people can freely use it.)

Do you have any specific questions?

Hey Devin thank you for this!

no specific questions let me dig in the repo. Hae you user a docker repository to push just the diffs? like a CI/CD?

My colleague @zac_adams_iid has done a bunch of work with CI/CD and IIQ. He can speak more fully to that. He does have tools that can scan both an IIQ instance and a repository, producing a set of diffs.

Typically, though, we do a full push of all artifacts, as it forces you to keep your repository consistent with what’s in Production.

Also, our Container Plugin is now open-sourced with an Apache 2.0 license. Feel free to play around and suggest updates!

Yeah to Devin’s point you certainly can handle deployments that way but we find import all is the best way to prevent drift in your IIQ environments. This year I did a talk about how to use service containers to build pipelines for both IIQ and IDN but was only able to really speak on the IDN portion in the DevDays panel. If you’d like I can show you a demo of just the IIQ pipeline, just PM me and we can set something up!

I will Zac! thanks so much for booth of you!
Amazing job you guys done and do! being dreaming about something like that for years , but didn’t have the skills.


@Zac- We have implemented IIQ in Kubernetes Pods and would like to see a demo for IIQ Pipeline. Currently we have Jenkins configured for our CICD implementation but not importing artifacts automatically.

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