IIQ API Spec Overhaul

The OpenAPI specs for IIQ have been greatly improved to include more descriptions and examples. Check it out at IdentityIQ API | SailPoint Developer Community.


It looks like the /scim/v2/LaunchedWorkflows POST endpoint is missing from the new documentation. This was used to launch a specific Workflow. Or is this endpoint no longer supported in 8.3?

I only see the GET endpoints:

I think there must have been a mistake when writing the documentation. There are two REST resource classes: LaunchWorkflow and LaunchWorkflows. It looks like they put the LaunchWorkflow documentation in the LaunchWorkflows section, and they left the LaunchWorkflow section out along with the LaunchWorkflows documentation. In otherwords, they somehow got incorrectly merged in the documentation. As far as the code goes, it’s unchanged.

I hope /scim/v2/LaunchedWorkflows POST has not been deprecated…

It might be an inadvertent omission from the documentation. I’m waiting for a response from the IIQ team to see if this is a mistake or not.

It’s confirmed that this was not intentional. The IIQ team is working on updating the docs to include the missing endpoint ASAP. Stay tuned for a new version of the spec.

We plan to configure an API management system in front of IIQ - is there an OpenAPI definition file for the IdentityIQ API?

We are on the same boat :slight_smile: You can start from here: IdentityIQ API | SailPoint Developer Community
You can download the YAML that contains all the API documentation.

regards, Roberto

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