IDN to accept data in from Mulesoft


We have an environment wherein MuleSoft is the Enterprise Integration platform. We’re trying to integrate with Pegasus SaaS HR system and as MuleSoft is the EIP , we trying to get the HR data from MuleSoft. Had a question here -

a) Can MuleSoft push data into IDN ? - I’m not sure if this is possible and even if we create a Pegasus HR source in IDN and try to leverage Workflows, not sure if thousands of records can be passed directly by APi call? Can S3 bucket be used for this ?
(The standard option here would be for MuleSoft to expose an endpoint which allows our IDN tenant to consume all HR data(IDN makes the call to Mulesoft , but it would require dev effort from MuleSoft team to create the endpoint.)


The standard option you suggested is I have seen customers using. Develop API and then use WS source

Just to close this out - only way this could have been done was by using a delimited file connector and passing file in loadaccounts api , but we decided to have a MuleSoft endpoint exposed by MuleSoft which IDN consumes

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