IDN Search All Users

I typically user this search to create a list of users active and on leave.
@accounts(“Company_Domain”) AND (attributes.cloudLifecycleState:Active OR attributes.cloudLifecycleState:leave)

I then “Generate Report (Including Access Details)” in a .csv format to see what roles everyone has across the entire enterprise. The report includes the following three Access Types in the ‘Access Type’ column, “ACCESS_PROFILE”, “ENTITLEMENT”,“ROLE” and a field of (blanks) which are things from the “Account Source Name” column.

The report continues to grow and I am afraid it might get to a point that excel cannot handle.

Is there a way to modify the IDN Search to get just the Access Type of “ROLE” when I generate the report?

AFAIK, Not from the UI or the way you are doing right now.

We can’t filter what access you would like to extract, guess you should look into SDK or custom scripting to get the desired results by parsing what you need.