IDN - Custom Forms using variables in Search query

I’m currently investing some time in attempting to utilize custom forms within IDN. The issue I’m running into is I’m unable to find any documentation regarding the syntax of the search queries.

When creating a custom form I’m using the “Add” button to add a Select Field, then editing the newly created Select field to use the “Option Type” of “Search”. Assuming I’m using default names, what I would ideally like to happen is have a Search Query of “attributes.username:” so that whatever is being entered into the Select Field is being searched (to allow for users to select a user based off of username).

I’ve checked the following pages for insight on the syntax of Search queries within custom Forms.

Some of the combinations I’ve tried are the following:


and probably 40 others. I’m assuming that I’m missing something in some documentation somewhere but could someone point me in the right direction.


TLDR: What is the syntax for variables within Custom Forms Search Queries?

Hi @kbende03 ,
I believe when you select “Search” type within the Select Field, then you need to enter a static search query.
I may be wrong as I haven’t played with it yet, but I also haven’t seen any reference in the IDN documentation for using variables within the search query.

All the best!

Hey @gauravsajwan1 ,

That is very disappointing news if that’s the case. This will really limit the usefulness of custom forms, and hinder what we had planed for them. Thanks for response, I’m going to leave this thread open incase anyone else has had a different experience with forms.


Yes, it will be worth knowing opinions from others who have tried it already.
Just curious to know, what’s your use case if you’d like to share?

I had originally intended to have a couple use cases that would utilize this, but an easy one is this.

I wanted to utilize custom forms as a trigger for a workflow to remove users from distribution lists. Currently in our environment we use a separate software solution and have users submit removal requests through it, which then opens a ticket in our ticketing system and we utilize API methods to run REVOKE_Access requests to remove said access.

Instead what I had hoped to do is something like:

SelectField1 would be used to select the distribution list that needs a user removed from with something like:


SelectField2 would be used to show the list of identities that currently have the SelectField1 access by using something like:


This way we could have an end user go in and say:
“Okay, I want to modify THIS distribution list”
Then prompt them saying: “Here’s who has this access.”
So that they can say:
“I don’t want this person, this person, this person to have this access anymore.”

Rather than giving them a text field to enter whatever they want into, as I’m sure we’ll have all sorts of inputs to validate that way.

Inline variables in forms is an upcoming feature for late Q1, early Q2 of 2024. Ticket for my reference is INIT-758


Thanks @colin_mckibben. Marked as solution.

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Inline variables in forms are now implemented. You can find the documentation here.