IDN and cyberark integration

Hi Team,

We’ve done IDN and CyberArk integration using SCIM 2.0 connector. Connection is successful. We’re able to aggregate groups. I’ve done discover schema and set Username as AccountID and AccountName. I’ve then performed account aggregation, we’re not able to see any accounts read into IDN. Is anyone faced such scenario. Cyberark has personal accounts, local accounts etc. Appreciate your help on this.

I’ve not seen much documentation in community, so reaching out for help here. Below are the links referred*154woyw*_ga*NzEzMzUzMDc4LjE2MDI4NTExMjc.*_ga_SS72Z4HXJM*MTYzOTk4MzEwOC4xODEuMS4xNjM5OTgzOTI5LjU1*ecpr0y*_ga*NzEzMzUzMDc4LjE2MDI4NTExMjc.*_ga_SS72Z4HXJM*MTY0NjE5NDgzOS4xNjYuMS4xNjQ2MTk1MzAyLjI3&_ga=2.108291524.716139053.1646024070-713353078.1602851127