IdentityNow SAP Concur connector and custom attributes

We are integrating SAP Concur with IdentityNow and trying to push data to a custom field called “Custom21”. This “custom” field is a predefined field created by Concur to extend identity schema on the product, it’s not created by Concur’s admins.

We’ve added this column to the Account Schema on IdentityNow’s source, then updated the “Create Account” section to add the column, with a default value that should be okay (tests done manually with a csv import confirmed that this value is accepted).
The problem is that this column, unlike the default ones, isn’t updated on Concur.
After checking the SAP Concur connector’s page here, and compared it with Salesforce’s one here, we noticed that, on Salesforce related page, there’s a section called “Updating the schema” that doesn’t exist on Concur’s one.

Update1: after enabling debugging on the connector, the ccg logs show informations about the data sent to Concur, like country, email, etc… but the “Custom21” field doesn’t show up.

So our question is: does this mean that SAP Concur’s connector doesn’t support Attribute Schema extension? Are the fields listed in Concur’s page the only ones supported by the connector?

Thank you in advance, your help is very much appreciated.

Concur’s connector account attributes page:

Salesforce’s connector account attributes page:

Hi @khalilgahbiche ,
Heres how you can enable support for Custom21 in Concur connector:

  1. Add key “supportCustomAttrs“ in source.xml and set it to true
  2. Under “jsonPathMapping” in source.xml add the following entry: <entry key="customData.custom21" value="[&apos;urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:spend:2.0:User&apos;].customData[*][?(;custom21&apos;)].value"/>
  3. Add a new account schema attribute and call it “customData.custom21

After this, Concur connector will be able to aggregate & provision custom21 field.

Note: You can follow the same steps to enable support for all Custom* & orgUnit* fields. “jsonPathMapping” entry for orgUnit fields is
<entry key="customData.orgUnit1" value="[&apos;urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:spend:2.0:User&apos;].customData[*][?(;orgunit1&apos;)].value"/>
The name of account schema attribute should be same as the key in jsonPathMapping entry.

Hi @parth_kurane ,
Thank you for your reply.
Could you please tell me where I can find the source.xml file?

Hi @khalilgahbiche ,
You can update a source using v3 APIs update-source | SailPoint Developer Community

We are also adding the SAP Concur source and need to have the Custom21 attribute. If we get this working we also need to add approver.employeeNumber “Approver Type: request, Primary: true” and approver.employeeNumber “Approver Type: invoice, Primary: true”. SAP Concur Developer Center | User Mapping 305

I added the keys from @parth_kurane but am not getting any data for Custom21.
I was unclear as to what array the supportCustomAttrs key needed to be in. I added it to connectorAttributes in the source.xml.

@khalilgahbiche were you able to get the Custom21 data?

Hi @Jamin ,
We didn’t test yet, I’ll let you know once done.

@parth_kurane This does not look like it is getting the custom21 data. Can you provide any more clarification on getting this?