IdentityNOW Lookup transform

Would someone be able to provide syntax of using lookup transform as part of “Account Create Profile”?

Below transform stores the mapping between source system and timezone. Keys correspond to the source name.

      "attributes": {
        "table": {
            "sde-global": "America/Los_Angeles",
            "sde-brz": "America/Sao_Paulo",
            "sde-sea": "Pacific/Auckland"
      "type": "lookup",
      "name": "sde_timezone_sid_key"

As part of source “sde-global”, there is a field named “TimeZoneSidKey” that we would like to populate from the above lookup transform.

    "name": "TimeZoneSidKey",
    "transform": {
        ""What is the syntax to lookup the value from the above table. We need to lookup value based on the source name and assume in this case “sde-global""
    "attributes": {},
    "isRequired": false,
    "type": "string",
    "isMultiValued": false

If I understand correctly, do you have three SDE sources: sde-global, sde-brz, and sde-sea? If so, it might be better to use a static value for TimeZoneSidKey rather than the lookup table, which adds additional complexity.

Thanks Colin. This is a simple example that I came up as how to use lookup transform.

Real scenario is that we have about 40 sources of the same connector type and same attributes. Besides the name and connection details, everything else is same across these sources and the idea is to keep the provisioning policy same and leverage lookup transform as part of “Account Create Policy”.