IdentityNow forms + Workflow for manual task

We’re considering a new requirement: sending custom tasks to specific approvers or groups of them. We’re wondering if combining Forms with Workflow could help us tackle this. Here’s a brief overview of what we need:

We have certain accesses that should only be granted to personnel with security clearance. This clearance needs periodic renewal and can change based on ongoing evaluations. Currently, this process involves a series of emails and SharePoint forms, which isn’t very efficient for our security team.

Here are our main questions:

  1. Can we use a form to display static user information while sending each form to the respective approver?
  2. Is it possible to use the same form across multiple sequential steps, where data from one step feeds into the next? For example, can an approver’s remarks from one step be visible to the next approver?
  3. Lastly, can submitting the final form trigger changes to identity attributes? For instance, if an approver extends clearance until a certain date, can we update the corresponding field in IdentityNow?

Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Krunal,

Thank you for the questions, I believe we have had a very nice demo during our developer days 2024 and it may be able to answer question 1 and 2.

The only concern I believe will have with step 3 as ISC rely on authoritative source for identity attributes and it is not recommended to updated the identity attributes directly in ISC so you may have to update this data in authoritative source i believe.

I hope this helps, please keep us posted.


  1. Yes we can use a form to display static user information
  2. To achieve we need to have multiple workflows in place, to get the 1st approver’s remark we need to have a form submitted trigger and using the form submitted trigger and the data inside that we can use for the next approver.
  3. No, There is no such configuration/feature from workflows or forms to make changes to Identity Attributes. If the HR source have API’s in place we can leverage those API’s to makes changes on Auth source using workflow, External Scripts…etc.

Thank you @vguleria . Let me go through the videos.

About #3, Understood. In that case we might have to make and update in authoritative source via workflow.

Thank you @Yathish .

Understood. So, if I understand correctly, we will need to have a separate workflow for each approver step, and the trigger for each of them should have trigger as ‘Form Submitted’.

yes, that would be ideal i believe. If the authoritative source supports webservices, then you can use the HTTP action from the workflow.

Thank You.