IdentityNow APIs - Can Rate Limits be Extended?

Hey everyone,

Is it possible to increase the 100 API calls per 10 seconds per access token limit that exists on IdentityNow APIs? Or is that a hard limit and cannot be changed even through expert services?

Hey Sushant, I believe it’s a hard limit, DevRel can confirm (@colin_mckibben ) However, most providers have some kind of rate limitation. Is there any specific reason you need to increase that limit?

@rasmus_lund I’m in process of implementing a visualization tool that requires me to pull data from IDN through REST APIs. Although I haven’t hit this limit yet, there’s theoretically a chance I might hit it when I’m paginating through a large response.

I’m just exploring my options in case that scenario arises. Hope this give you some context.

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Sure, all good. I’ll let Colin comment if there’s any more clever workarounds to the problem as such :slight_smile:

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Hi Sushant,
Why don’t you refer this post. Might give you some ideas.

@anagha That’s the last resort, yes. The waits as recommended here would cause undesirable delays in my case (this is end-user facing for me). I’m exploring if there’s anything that can be done at a case-by-case basis for a specific customer on request.

As far as I know, the rate limit is fixed for all tenants. As for your use case, you might be better off implementing secure data share to offload your tenant data to an AWS Snowflake account so you can have better access to your data. You might also want to leverage the search API before the other APIs since search can return 10,000 records per page as opposed to the 250 record limit for the standard APIs.


For the most part, that’s the API I am using the Search API, although for some certification related use cases, I have to use the other APIs (Sometimes chain APIs in loop).

Thanks for the update, this was helpful.

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