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I’m new to sailpoint and wanted to know if there’s any developer Guide, I’ve installed Eclipse with IIDA, but I’m a little lost regarding the type of objects I can develop/change using code, can you please give some ligths, for example regarding the category objects I can “created/Change”?

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SailPoint uses Beanshell script (Same as Core Java), you can review it here: Home · beanshell/beanshell Wiki · GitHub

You can follow this white paper on Bean shell developer guide for objects in IIQ.

It is just Get and Set methods if you ask me what is SailPoint IIQ development. We need to understand different type of objects and how those objects are interrelated, especially Identity, Link and Application.

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I have published some posts in LinkedIn. See if that helps you.

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Tks for your reply Krishna, it was very very helpful and quite objective :smiley: which is perfect for those just starting out lik me.

I’ve read the links you share and also download the IdentityIQ Object Model, but I still have a question, I didn’t understand quite well which type of objects can you create/change using beanshell (for example in the IQ Object Model that are some that are “system”, and some you can use GUI), or maybe the question should be “Which are the most common type of objects you tipically change/create programatically (in this case Sailpoint uses Beanshell)”?

Tks for all you’re help.


Paulo Torrinha

Glad that it helps you.

Literally you can create any object using programming. You need to technical terminology and business terminology for object names.

Most commonly used objects:

Managed Attribute

You can look into Java doc using url: https://server/identityiq/doc/javadoc

You can find list of classes (nothing but objects you can play around) and their methods.

You can create any object through debug or using programming. Using UI it’s limited, not every object you can create.

I would say keep learning the SailPoint concepts, you will feel the SailPoint programming.


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