Identity Values Not Populating in Workflow

Hi All,
I have a workflow to generate a Jira ticket via API for all terminated users. It works just fine.
I want to split the userbase between US and non-US (for GDPR requirements) to generate separate tickets. So I replicated the existing workflow and added a “compare string” operator.

If the results read “false” (non-US), the ticket generates just fine.
If the results read “true” (US), it does not pull the identity values and errs out (values are null).

The request bodies are almost identical. The US (true) request body is exactly the same as the existing workflow. The non-US (false) request body just has some values that were removed.

Am I missing something? (I copied the existing workflow once and modified it, then I manually recreated the workflow a couple times)

Thank you!!

Existing workflow

LeaverTicketGeneration_existing.json (5.1 KB)

New workflow

This one works.

This one does not work.

LeaverTicketGeneratorbyCountry_new.json (9.0 KB)

Error (Note: The values do exist in the users’ profiles – and it does calculate the date accurately in the previous step):
{“error”:“actionStep(HTTP Request 1) Err: task failed: activity error (type: sp:external:http:v2, scheduledEventID: 35, startedEventID: 36, identity: [redacted]): request failed (type: HTTP Response Returned a Client Error, retryable: false): request failed: 400 - 400 Bad Request - {"errorMessages":,"errors":{"customfield_20300":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","customfield_11822":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","customfield_19905":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","duedate":"Error parsing date string: {{$.defineVariable.todaysDate}}","customfield_12000":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","customfield_12213":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","customfield_13601":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid","customfield_23314":"Option id ‘null’ is not valid"}}”}

Hi @pgustavsonsh ,

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Based on the error response it looks like there is issue in parsing “duedate” and Option id is null. looking at workflow i do not see any difference. I would suggest you look at fixing the errors in the response.


Hi @pgustavsonsh,

Looks like you are passing $.defineVariable.todaysDate in the error branch instead of $.defineVariable1.todaysDate Can you use the right variable and re-try.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, try using the HTTP request body of the working branch on the other branch (HTTP1).? As you have mentioned there are slight changes in the body (and that looks to be the only difference in the branches)

I would try that to check if something else is also broken. If it is success, then modify the body one step at a time and re-test.

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This fixed it. Thank you!

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