HTTP Request in workflows


I am creating some workflows and the HTTP Request and I keep getting the following error on my jsonRequestBody. The error is “definition.JSONInput: data not valid or malformed”, the json body that I added into the workflow editor is: {“lifetimeInMinutes”:“260”}

Its a simple body and passed the in workflow validator
From the below my http request, im having issues with is “HTTP Request 1”
ExternalTrigger20221031-discuss.txt (2.4 KB)


Hi Brendon. This is a known issue and there is a ticket raised with engineering to look into it. I will keep you updated once a fix is in place.


Thanks for the information, I had a feeling it was an issue.
Do you have any work arounds for this in the mean time?
Is there an estimate for when this will be working?

Additionally is there a spot I can view these known issues for workflows?

No workarounds at this time. Should be done by end of next week at the latest, probably sooner.


Good to hear, thanks for the update!

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This issue has been fixed. Please let us know if you have any further issues.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll test it out and let you know.


I no longer get that error message, however it doesn’t seem to be recognising my Json body regardless. I’m doing a graph api call that requires a body and the error I get states there is no Json body. Is there some way i can what API call contains besides the executions log?

Can you see any json body issues with the attached workflow?

ExternalTriggerTest20221109.txt (1.3 KB)


Have you tried recreating the workflow?

Only by exporting and importing the json. Is that not efficient when recreating for testing fixes? Or should I recreate from Scratch?

Edit: Recreated it manually and get the same error stating there is no body. Error line from the workflow csv.

   "error":"actionStep(HTTP Request 1) Err: task failed: activity error (type: sp:external:http:v2, scheduledEventID: 5, startedEventID: 6, identity: 1@876d52ca07b0@): request failed (type: HTTP Response Returned a Client Error, retryable: false): request failed: 400 - 400 Bad Request - {\"error\":{\"code\":\"BadRequest\",\"message\":\"Empty Payload. JSON content expected.\",\"innerError\":{\"date\":\"2022-11-08T23:29:44\",\"request-id\":\"02df6752-69c8-495d-b8b3-b6353055e75f\",\"client-request-id\":\"02df6752-69c8-495d-b8b3-b6353055e75f\"}}}"

I did some more testing on my tenant and confirmed that there are still issues with the HTTP Request action. When manually specifying a content body, the content is escaped as a string using backslashes. These backslashes are preserved when they are sent to the receiving service, in your case Microsoft Graph, and the graph API can’t parse the JSON because of the invalid backslash characters. I have found that if you select a variable for use in the body, then it will be sent as JSON and the receiving end will be able to parse it properly. I have opened a bug report for engineering to fix this.


This should now be fixed. please try again.

Hello Colin,

I can confirm its now working perfectly for me.


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