How to trigger Update Provisioning Policy

Hi All,

Is there a way can we trigger the Update Provisioning Policy without using the attribute sync?
Because my use case is to update the account attribute in the target system 1 day after aggregating the user in the IDN.

Any inputs can help. Thank you in advance.

Hi Rainiel,
Thank you for the post. I doubt this is possible currently in IdentityNow

hmm I see. thanks for the inputs

Assuming it has roughly the same provisioning engine as IIQ (which is pretty likely, given the object model), the UPDATE provisioning policy will fire when any other provisioning update occurs.

So, yes, attribute sync is one of the only ways to update an account.

However, you could “hack” this. For example, you could add a dummy field to your application that syncs to an Identity’s last update date. You’re not supposed to, but you could also use the Update Account API to directly set fields.

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