How to disable specific application account from user identity

We had one account application that decommissioned in past but however it is showing as Active in user identities profile.

We want to find those identities and want to disable that particular application for every identity.

It depends on how you want to clean this up. One method would be to delete the application via IIQ console. Doing so would also clean up all the links but you may want to keep the application itself around for historical purposes.
This exact question was posed in compass at: There is are two similar rules listed there that will remove the links programmatically via the terminator. One of those may be more desirable for you than simply deleting the application object via console.

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Hi @yogesh_thok

Ideally when you decommission an application, along with links you should be also looking in cleaning up Links, Identity Entitlements, Managed Attributes, Attribute Assignments on Identity etc. Else it might result in further issues in the future.

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