How to create a Workflow/s that creates an AD group and a workgroup as approvers for that AD group

Im trying to build out an automation to Create an AD group and a workgroup as approvers for the said AD group via SCIM API endpoint, /LaunchedWorkflows. not sure if there is an existing workflow like LCM provisioning that I could leverage to do that. If so, what would the provisioning plan look like for something like this?

thank you!

Hi @maikenapuadanc,

You can use “Entitlement Update” workflow to create group in Active Directory.


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Hi Dheeraj,

For Entitlement Update workflow, a plan is needed. what would the typical plan look like for creating Active directory groups?

Something like this,


  <entry key="requester" value="spadmin"/>

  <entry key="source" value="UI"/>

<AttributeRequest name="sAMAccountName" op="Set" value="eCompensation-xxxx"/>

<AttributeRequest name="distinguishedName" op="Set" value="CN=eCompensation-XXXX,OU=Groups,DC=value,DC=value2,DC=testdomain,DC=com"/>

<AttributeRequest name="description" op="Set" value="Application used for Testging"/>

I tried it this way using the SCIM API call for LaunchedWorkflow endpoint.

does this look right? I tried it but it just produced a taskresult and the entitlement was not created

Hi @maikenapuadanc ,

This looks correct, basically for entitlement update there is objectRequest added in provisioning plan except account request.