How the "Identity Created" trigger works?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to create a workflow that will be activated each time an identity is created when a condition is met (attribute in a specific state).
In the “Identity Created” trigger, there’s a filter option with operator and JsonPATH, but I haven’t managed to get it to work with simple attributes. Here’s an example with the John Doe input.

Naturally, the requirement is met with an operator following the trigger. But I’d like to avoid logging the creation of all users and trigger the workflow only on a sepcific condition.

Hi Dylan,
It depends what “specific condition” is for you. Generally here you can find details about the operators

thanks for your answer, yes I manage to add an extra step with a connector and it works very well.
My question is more about the filter inside the trigger “identity created” ?
To rephrase: is it possible to execute a workflow only when the “email is null” condition is met?
I can use a Operator but It will log all creation and not the one I’m interested in !

Yes it possible.

At your “identity created” trigger level you can use this filter :

$[?(( || (""))]

Hi Dylan! Adding to other responses, I use a very usefull link where you can try json path conditions. As IDN implements the standard json path, at the moment every workflow I deal, I could tested with success with this tool. You only has to copy the json that is received (you can use the examples from documentation, also I usually send to my email the json root object, so I enable workflow, and making some test I can construct a real JSON payload)

Thank you all for your replies !
I was using a correct JSONPath : $[?(]

The problem was the test workflow, which is always triggered in UI. So I created 2 identities, one that respected the trigger and the other not, and the workflow triggered only once.

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