How can i get an instance of Identity Now for Self Learning

Hi Everyone,

I need help to setup an instance of Identity Now for self learning purpose, is there any way we could get a learning tenant without license?

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Become an Ambassador and get your tenant, more info here :slight_smile:

To earn points look at: Getting Started as a Developer Community Ambassador


HI @sharvari ,

Thankyou for the guidance, i have got myself as the member of the group.
Will look forward to be able to gain some point and access to the tenant as well.

Thankyou again.


The IdentityNow professional course gives you access to a tenant. I was able to extend it a couple of weeks. The course focuses a lot on templates. If you become an ambassador having access to a tenant will aid in your course work and help drive directed questions to the instructor. Going through the course will help tie in an understanding of the different components.

Hi @ts_fpatterson ,

Thankyou for the information, i already have ambassador tenant now, however would want to explore IdentityNow Training Option, as i can only see introduction course for free on Sailpoint University.

You will want to look at the training paths for IDN

IdentityNow Administrators and Implementers Training Path - Compass (

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