How can I create quicklink to search identity exist in sailpoint

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Version 8.3

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Hi all, I am very new in sailpoint. I dont know how can i create a quicklink.
A new custom quick link to display minimal user details.This link will be available for all users.
This link will allow any end user to search any users (using id, Email, FirstName or LastName).
Quick link will display only below attributes in search result:
First Name
Last Name

Hello @amanKsingh ,

Refer to the document for custom quicklink creation.

Although your use case can be tackled by OOTB feature:

Go to gear > Quicklink Population > Everyone > Enable View Identity > select for self and for other

This will enable all the user to view identity quicklink. If you want only particular people to access that quicklink create a new quicklink population and mention the criteria.



@amanKsingh you can create quick link and add entry in system configuration by above thread.

but you need to create a workflow by using identityModel. It has below steps

Start the workflow
Compute identityModel based on the value of identityName
Present a Form to gather the desired value of identityName
Print out the workflow variables
Stop the workflow

Check these links :
Form Models - Compass (

identityModel - Compass (

Let me if you have issues while creating WF.

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check ootb View Identity quicklink .

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