Git in the game: enhancing IdentityNow with common version control strategies


Imagine you’re working on an ISC Transform and you realize that it touches another IDN Rule you worked on. You make a simple change to that Rule and then forget that you also need to update the Source that uses the Rule. You test in Sandbox and everything works perfectly. You push to Production and…uh oh, something breaks. You try to backtrack through all your code to see what you did, but you modified so many things over the past month, that you can’t remember your specific changes. Even worse, as you make new changes, one problem fixes and another breaks! With version control, when your code inevitably breaks something, you can simply roll back to the last working version and troubleshoot from there. Even better, version control also shows you EXACTLY what changes you made in any of your code, regardless if it was a Rule, Source, or Transform! After learning some simple version control techniques, you will walk away from this session feeling more confident on testing in your environment, knowing that you can always roll back.