Get the most out of the IdentityIQ debug pages


Searching for information on some objects in the debug interface can be difficult at times. It doesn’t have to be, though. You’ll learn how to configure the debug pages to fit your needs, by configuring the columns displayed and attributes used in search for each of the supported object types.

Additional Resources

A few examples, some of which were used in the demo:


Great tips, makes life a bit easier both developing and troubleshooting. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Very useful tip, thanks for the sharing.

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I missed it , Can we have recording please ?

It will be re-broadcasted for other regions of the world and recordings will be made available at a later stage.


Hi @menno_pieters,
This is a very useful information. Especially I found difficultly in finding out “Managed attribute”, “Workitem” objects from the debug with the name as it will not be found easily. We were writing queries against the DB and was fetching those details.
In making changes in UIConfig and displaying the searchable attributes on what you have mentioned, will we see any sort of slowness in the UI as its fetching more data columns from DB. Also is there any way to export these objects once we get to see them from debug page ?

Hi @vinnysail

If you do this, yes, indeed, it may influence the response times. By adding more properties to the search it will do an OR over all properties: (id starts with <expression>) OR (name starts with <expression>) OR ( starts with <expression>) OR .... If the database indexes are maintained properly, this should not make a huge impact. In any case, make sure that the properties used for search are indexed and the properties listed must be indexed if the corresponding columns are marked as searchable.

Also, retrieving more attributes will indeed cause more data to be retrieved and transported, and perhaps require a little more parsing time in the UI.

I don’t expect a dramatic impact.


Thanks for your reply @menno_pieters !!

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These suggestions are incredibly helpful! They really streamline both development and troubleshooting. Appreciate it!

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Thank you @menno_pieters. Save my time!