GET /api/task/listAllActive

There will not be a direct replacement for this endpoint. Unlike GET /api/task/list, which returns all tasks for the identity that called the endpoint, this endpoint will list all active tasks for any identity that has at least one. If you need to get active tasks for other users, you can use list-work-items | SailPoint Developer Community with the ownerId query parameter.

GET https://{tenant}{identityId}

You will need to further process the results by removing any tasks that have completed: true.

Hi @colin_mckibben , For the replacement API we don’t see any information related to which source the task is request and also does this API result give us only the pending tasks?
Thanks for the help in advance

The API above is not a direct replacement, but it can be used towards the same purpose. You may have to use other APIs to get information about the source for the particular item. And yes, I think this one just returns pending items.

Thanks for the update @colin_mckibben , I don’t see any attribute that we can use from the result of replaced API to get the source details. Any suggestion on this will be a great help.

It looks like the response will give you a source name for each work item, but not its ID.

        "id": "2c9180857a882ffb017a8b7fd9df2e8b",
        "requesterId": null,
        "requesterDisplayName": null,
        "ownerId": "2c9180867624cbd7017642d8c8c81f67",
        "ownerName": "colin.mckibben",
        "created": "2021-07-09T13:40Z",
        "modified": "2021-07-09T13:40Z",
        "description": "Manual Changes requested for User: brad.baller",
        "state": "Pending",
        "type": "ManualAction",
        "remediationItems": [],
        "approvalItems": [
                "id": "90ab0cec569d49b98c59fad36771e32e",
                "application": "Employees [source]",
                "account": "E006",
                "operation": "Create",
                "name": "groups",
                "value": "DevRel",
                "state": null
                "id": "a5579fe4839743b2934bfc56340af6a6",
                "application": "Ubuntu [source]",
                "account": null,
                "operation": "Create",
                "name": "groups",
                "value": "DevRel",
                "state": null
        "name": null,
        "completed": null,
        "numItems": null,
        "form": null

You can use the source name in the list sources endpoint to lookup the source. For example, there is a work item above related to the Employees [source]. If you just take the name of the source, which is Employees, and put it in the query param for list sources as follows, you’ll get info about the source.

GET eq "Employees"

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