Form Submitted Trigger in Workflow


I am trying to trigger a workflow from a form. I have had some success using in testing using a trigger filter which uses a typed in value in a form. e.g. $[?(@.formDefinitionId == ‘95402d1a-0023-40c1-8302-daf59c26d72d’ && @.formData.textField == “1”)]

How ever when I try to use a value from a drop down in a form for the trigger I get an error.

I just want to be able to run the workflow when a certain value is selected from the drop down. Any ideas.


Hey !

Try something like this :

$.[?((@.formInstanceId=="2c9180835d2e5167015d32f890ca1482") && (@.formData.requestType=="New Laptop"))]

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the input. This saves without any error but filling the form with the correct data does not trigger the workflow to run. I have tried many variations but nothing triggers it.
I think the secret may be understanding the formula to enter here:


As this will not save. I think it does not like the value.

If you select no operator it will trigger with any value and this is not what I need. Odd thing is you can only choose that one operator.

Anyway, anymore ideas please let me know.

Maybe we can just trigger for the form definition Id and you can check the value inside of the workflow.

So I triggered it with just the form id in the trigger and typed in the value I wanted in the form.

Looking at the logs I can see the entry for what I prompted it for:
““formData””:{““FullSynchronisation””:[““Active Directory””]},““formDefinitionId””:""f62749ed-52d7-4d43-9183-84c014d1b19d

So using that I use the:

$[?((@.formDefinitionId==“f62749ed-52d7-4d43-9183-84c014d1b19d”) && (@.formData.FullSynchronisation==“Active Directory”))]

But it does not trigger :confused: Do you see what’s wrong with that?

Forget about the Application name on the trigger ,
Create a trigger for the form, them after it create a action of Type Compare Strings, and on that you capture the FullSyncronization Value and see if active directory contains on it.

if Not you end the Workflow.


This works thank you. Appreciate your help!
These triggers are kind of funky and I’m not convinced they always work properly.