File Upload Utility/API and API Deprecation

Following the deprecation announcement (Non-Public API Deprecations (CC, V2)), is there any status on getting a beta or v3 API to upload CSV files for delimited file sources?



Hi Edward. The /loadAccounts and /loadEntitlements endpoint are both being reviewed by the team at this time. We don’t have an ETA just yet, but these are ones we are working on.


Perhaps @neil_mcglennon is the right contact ?
Pls keep us posted as we have authoritative source based on this and I am sure many other’s has.

Hi All! @joshua_morris is correct here. Aggregation APIs are something we are currently working on and will be getting new end-points for - timing still TBD. They will also be incorporated into our tooling, such as the File Upload Utility.


Hi @neil_mcglennon,

We have a requirement of using the single identity refresh API in a custom workflow that we have. But it seems the CC API’s will be deprecated…and I don’t see a relevant beta API for single identity refresh yet. So is there any status on getting the beta API for single identity refresh.?

I was going to ask about the File Upload Utility, as we are very reliant on this.

I dont suppose the File Upload Utility can be made open source in some way, so we can update or contribute to it? (example: I would love to pass the Source ID in as an argument rather than as part of csv file name)

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Hi @jrossicare - Absolutely! Once we have new v3 aggregation endpoints we intend to update the File Upload Utility and open-source it via the Developer Community as a project here.

As the author of the File Upload Utility, I can say it’s pretty straight-forward. Essentially it looks on the file system for matching files and calls the aggregations API. You should be able to make your own - your way, in your language of choice. I picked Java because that is fairly ubiquitous to our customer-base at the time. I’ve written similar scripts in Python, Ruby, and NodeJS over the years as well.


Just wanted to also add that we are very reliant on this utility as well and hope that it is upgraded soon after the deprecation.

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The file upload utility will be upgraded once the public replacements for the underlying APIs are available. Please see this post for information on when to expect these replacements.

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