Explanation String (Reason to exclude) on the exclusion rule is not being applied for each item on the Role membership Cert

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.3

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Hi ,

We are running the Role membership certification and we want to exclude some of the items from the certification based on the different conditions , the explanation is not applied on each individual items rather its applied at each entity level.
Is there any way we can override in the exclusion rule to set the reason per individual items .


As per my understanding the exclusion rule is applying the explanation on entity level only. You may append multiple details in this single explanation may be that can serve the purpose.

I have looked for the same, but was unable to make it per item :frowning:

Also my effort to make the explanation a bit more readable (inserting new lines etc) when there are multiple explanations went in vain :frowning: The SailpointBundle.js is stripping all control characters when displaying the explanations :frowning:

An option which might work is having the exclusion rule produce logging or add (custom) audit events. You can also add the explanations to a custom object if you want to have it accessible later for reporting or alike.

– Remold