Event Triggers: Why is Activity Log showing no events that it previously showed?

We are testing Event Triggers to fire ServiceNow tickets for manually provision. We successfully triggered several yesterday, and they were showing on the “Event Triggers” Activity Log. Today, its a clean slate saying “Your subscriptions haven’t generated any events yet…”. Any ideas where/how we can see historic triggered events?

Welcome to the developer community Carla.

The activity log uses this API: list-invocation-status | SailPoint Developer Community.

According to the description:

Gets a list of latest invocation statuses. Statuses of successful invocations are available for up to 24 hours. Statuses of failed invocations are available for up to 48 hours. This endpoint may only fetch up to 2000 invocations, and should not be treated as a representation of the full history of invocations.

Once the invocation status expires, it is deleted. There is no way to get statuses older than 48 hours. One thing you can do is setup an export job that runs every day and archives older logs, or you can submit an idea so our product team can track the demand for users wanting to see older logs.