Error when installing custom plugin

I have made a custom plugin and when I drag the zip-file to the plugin-box I get the following error
“An error occurred while trying to install”.
Anyone knows what might cause this? configurations in the manifest.xml?

Hi @antdru94 - there could be a number of reasons why a plugin will error out during installation - could be a SQL error if you are creating tables in the plugin database, an error while importing any XML objects that are included etc.

Best thing to do would be to turn on trace in your log4j2 settings for “sailpoint.plugin” package, which includes the PluginInstaller class and you may get some better stacktraces of the actual root cause. You can do this buy updating the file in your IIQ deployment to add the following lines:

Save the file, then reload logging via the Debug->Logging menu in IIQ (or just restart your app server). If you don’t see the debug icon (wrench) at the top of your screen, you can manually append /debug to your URL (http://localhost:8080/identityiq/debug) to get to the debug pages. Once you are there, click the wrench in the top nav bar and select ‘logging’. There will be a button to reload logs.

While you are at the debug object browser page, you can also look at the ‘SyslogEvent’ object type and see if there are any events from when the plugin installation error’d out - the event might also have a decent stacktrace.