Error importing TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION object with AWS event bridge

Using SP-Config APIs to export/import objects.

I have exported one of several TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION objects, and imported into a tenancy that currently has no TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION objects.

I get error:

"results": {
"infos": [],
"warnings": [],
"errors": [
"key": null,
"text": "There was an error importing 'TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION' with name 'XXX' and id 'YYY' Exception Event source aws.partner/ already exists for account ID ZZZ. (Service: AmazonEventBridge; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ResourceAlreadyExistsException; Request ID: ZZZ; Proxy: null)",
"detail": null
"importedObjects": []

Note that id YYY id in the import file, which is the object id of the TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION object in the export tenancy (which came from the import file), which of course exists, since it was created and is being used there (both the export and import tenancies are using the same AWS account ZZZ). Am I right in thinking that it should instead use the object id of the TRIGGER_SUBSCRIPTION object that it is in the process of creating in the import tenancy.